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Let’s Talk about Altercos
AlterCos was born in 2013 and it’s the result of a desire to create something that people could relate to and could see their passions reflected.
We are located on Rua Dom Diogo de Sousa, 87, in Brgaga, Portugal, in an entirely relaxed and welcoming area.
We have events for every type of fan in our Store. To: Cosplays, Otakus, Kpoppers, Gamers, among others.
Currently, we work on the biggest anime event in our city: Aonime, and we participate in many others, such as Comic Con, Iberanime,Lisboa Games Week, etc.
We focus on Anime Merchandising, Geek Tshirts and we also have a Kawaii Shop Online.
We also have a project about walk the streets of the city spreading these cultures of entertainment ( Cosplay, Lolita, Shironuri, Fairy Kei …). So if you’re from Braga, stay tuned, maybe our paths will cross!
Therefore, our Mission is to provide pleasant and pleasurable experiences, taking the entertainment culture (with a special focus on the Oriental) to our audience.
We really became a cultural/entertainment space of reference in Portugal.
We share the following Values:
Respect for the different cultures;
Incentive to learning;
Make lives more interesting;
Respect for the environment;
Respect and ethics.
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