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Let’s Talk about Altercos
AlterCos was born in 2013 and it’s the result of a desire to create something that people could relate to and could see their passions reflected.
We are located at Store number 311, in a shopping center in Braga (BragaShopping), Portugal, in an entirely relaxed and welcoming area.
We have events for every type of fan in our Store. To: Cosplays, Otakus, Kpoppers, Gamers, among others.
Currently, we work on the biggest anime event in our city: Aonime, and we participate in many others, such as Comic Con, Iberanime,Lisboa Games Week, etc.
We focus on Anime Merchandising, Geek Tshirts and we also have a Kawaii Shop Online.
We also have a project about walk the streets of the city spreading these cultures of entertainment ( Cosplay, Lolita, Shironuri, Fairy Kei …). So if you’re from Braga, stay tuned, maybe our paths will cross!
Therefore, our Mission is to provide pleasant and pleasurable experiences, taking the entertainment culture (with a special focus on the Oriental) to our audience.
We really became a cultural/entertainment space of reference in Portugal.
We share the following Values:
Respect for the different cultures;
Incentive to learning;
Make lives more interesting;
Respect for the environment;
Respect and ethics.
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