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Akatuski Cloak Cosplay

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Akatsuki (literally meaning: “Dawn” or “Daybreak”) The concept was devised by Black Zetsu as part of its plan to revive its mother, though it pretended the idea came from Madara Uchiha, whom Black Zetsu tricked into thinking that it was a manifestation of his will. Akatsuki was originally founded by Yahiko during the Third Shinobi World War alongside his childhood friends, Nagato and Konan. As citizens of Amegakure who had been orphaned by the Second Shinobi World War, the three created Akatsuki as a way to bring peace to their home country, which too often got caught in the crossfire of the Five Great Shinobi Countries’ many conflicts.

Akatuski Cloak Cosplay

Perfect For Cosplay. Incredibly detailed Akasutki cloak suitable for any cosplay, birthday, Christmas, Halloween or party event.
Akatuski Cloak Cosplay is Unisex and can be worn by ladies too.

Fabric: Cotton,Polyester,sewing red vividly clouds, wide long sleeves, front zipper closure, enough length cloak; metal and fabric

Soft and comfortable to wear, plain but textured.

Avoid using tumble drying or washing in high temp (Max 40°C).

Weight 0,97 kg
Cosplay Size

S, M, L, XL, 2XL

7 reviews for Akatuski Cloak Cosplay

  1. Sprocket135

    OmG, this cloak… I love it! Totally worth every penny!

  2. Padraic Aubrey

    buy it now!!!! >:ccccccc

  3. Miranda

    It’s SO CUTE! And it looks very high quality. It was such a nice surprise ^ ^

  4. Keturah

    My nephew approves!

  5. Fisher of Men

    Very Pretty. Perfect!!

  6. Allison Erwin

    Excellent value. Fits very nice ❤️‍🔥

  7. Randy W

    I love this cosplay cape. it’s the bomb

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