Berserk Guts Mousepad


The Kingdom of Midland (ミッドランド王国) is a monarchy under the influence of the Holy See. As its name implies, Midland is geographically central to the continent on which Berserk predominantly takes place. After its Hundred-Year War with the Tudor Empire, Midland enjoys a brief peace among its rival nations. Following the king’s death and Kushan Empire’s subsequent invasion of the kingdom, however, Midland begins diminishing in prominence. Midland regains preeminence following the Great Roar of the Astral World, after which Falconia surfaces atop the land where Wyndham once sat as its new capital, and as the sole safe haven in Fantasia for humanity; as such, Midland is thought to be one of the only domains in Fantasia to have retained some semblance of government, law, and order.

Berserk Guts Mousepad

Dimensions: 20,9 x 18,9 x 0,3 cm
Colourful and clear printed patterns.
Nice for players.
Premium material, clean medium pace floor.
Non-slip rubber backside, stays in place.
Waterproof, washable.

Weight 0,29 kg


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