Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Flying Nimbus 16 cm


Flying Nimbus (筋斗雲 Kintōun, lit. “Somersault Cloud”) is a magical, yellow cloud that serves as a way of transportation. Goku obtains the Nimbus from Master Roshi as compensation for saving Turtle. It served Goku and his sons well throughout Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z, by acting as a way for them to fly around at high speeds without using up any energy. The Nimbus makes sporadic appearances in Dragon Ball Super, and has one last brief appearance, alongside the Power Pole, in Dragon Ball GT at the closing scene of the last episode, when Goku flies off on it. The Flying Nimbus also appears in the parody manga Dragon Ball SD.

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Dragon Ball Z Son Goku Flying Nimbus 16 cm

From the popular anime series ´Dragonball Z´ comes this PVC Statue. It stands approx. 16 cm tall.

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