Harry Potter Slytherin Tie

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This Slytherin Tie is the perfect addition to any Wizarding World wardrobe. The premium tie comes in traditional Slytherin colours and is a subtle way to show off your house pride every time you wear it.

The tie features a scarlet and gold design in diagonal bands just like those worn by Hogwarts students in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

House ties in this style are also available in Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor house colours.

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Harry Potter Slytherin Tie

Perfect For Cosplay. Harry Potter Slytherin Tie suitable for any cosplay, birthday, Christmas, Halloween or party event.

Fabric: Cotton,Polyester

Avoid using tumble drying or washing in high temp (Max 40°C).

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6 reviews for Harry Potter Slytherin Tie

  1. steeltrap games

    It’s just perfect. No need to say more

  2. Howard Bisc

    I use it on normal days also XD

  3. Jack Poretsis

    Perfect for the Hogwarts School Year, Regardless of Your Age

  4. Jade Joyce

    Smooth tie

  5. China Doll♊

    I’m very happy with this snuggly tie

  6. Fred Forbes

    Got it right! Great value and nice looking.

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