Howl’s Moving Castle Mousepad


Howl’s Moving Castle (ハウルの動く城 , Howl no Ugoku Shiro) is the 14th animated fantasy film directed by Hayao Miyazaki, produced by Toshio Suzuki and animated by Studio Ghibli. It premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on September 5, 2004, and premiered in Toho cinemas in Japan on November 20, 2004.

It is based on the 1986 novel of the same name (translated in Japan as The Wizard’s Howl and the Devil of Fire) by British writer Diana Wynne Jones and is about a young milliner named Sophie, who is transformed into an old woman by a witch, and the wizard Howl.

Howl’s Moving Castle Mousepad

Dimensions: 20,9 x 18,9 x 0,3 cm
Colourful and clear printed patterns.
Nice for players.
Premium material, clean medium pace floor.
Non-slip rubber backside, stays in place.
Waterproof, washable.

Weight 0,29 kg


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