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Kunai (クナイKunai), like shuriken, are one of the most common tools used by shinobi. It is a black dagger — about the length of one’s hand — with a handle wrapped in bandages and a ring-like pommel. While usually kept in a shinobi’s weapon pouch, they can also be kept on spring-loaded wires up the user’s sleeve.

Naruto Kunai Replica Details:

Total length: 26cm
Material: Plastic
Net weight: 150 grams


Length: 12cm
Thickness: 25mm
Width: 5cm

Weight 0,18 kg
Kunai Color

Red, White

6 reviews for Naruto Kunai Replica

  1. Robin Bobeck

    Highly recommended!

  2. Kathleen

    My son loved it

  3. Ferzanahoria

    Producto de buena calidad

  4. Sarah

    Great kunai. So happy 🙂

  5. 88keys4joy

    Nice quality. My brother wants to stole it 😝

  6. Canadian Car Guy

    Good material. Very pleased

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