Roronoa Zoro Button Pin


Roronoa Zoro (ロロノア・ ゾロRoronoa Zoro), also known as “Pirate Hunter Zoro”, is a pirate and a former bounty hunter.

He is one of the top three fighters in the crew alongside Luffy and Sanji, and his dream is to become the greatest swordsman in the world. Zoro was regarded as one of “The Eleven Supernovas“, the eleven rookie pirates with bounties over 100,000,000 to have reached the Red Line before the two year time skip, with a current bounty of 120,000,000. 

Round pinback buttons for instant awesome, just about anywhere

Roronoa Zoro Button Pin Description
Material: Metal Badge w/ Pin Back PVC
Size: Dia 3.2cm, thickness 0.5cm
Package Include: 1 Pin

Weight 0,02 kg


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