Silk Screen 120T Mesh Screen


Pre-stretched screen printing screens for screenprinting. These are 508 x 601 mm manual metal screen printing screens. These are pre-stretched with mesh and ready to be prepped for screen making. These will have tight mesh tensions between 18 to 20 Newtons. Make sure to use a rigid screen when printing tee shirts. Metal screens are more reliable for tight registration printing. They do not warp, never get weak at the corners and they can hold a higher mesh tension.



Silk Screen 120T Mesh Screen – 508 x 601 mm – 120T

Other sizes available

Yellow Mesh Pre-stretched 120 mesh for screenprinting tee shirts. This is a screen used for printing higher detailed designs including 1 color halftones, duotones or other fine line work. A 120 mesh count will normally tolerate halftones of 40 to 45 lpi.

This mesh was made for the needs of the textile screen printing and offer all the properties for a custom-fit and clean printing results



Weight 3,56 kg


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